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dvdhunt.com | Best Places To Sell Your Used DVDs in NYC
Do you have any used movies, music CDs, or video games lying around the house? History has proven most media trends downward in price over time. So if nobody in your home has watched a DVD in a year, clear it out. Try something new.

Aside from the Blockbusters, here are a few good places to sell to in New York City:

ACADEMY: located on 18th Street, between 5th and 6th Ave

VIDEO ROOM: - can't remember for sure, but think it's at 84th & 3rd

OUTLET: the one on 40th St between 5th and 6th Ave usually has two tables filled with used DVDs.

KIMS: have found a few things at their store on St Marks Place

GENERATION RECORDS - Greenwich Village - They have a great collection of music DVD's--such as the RBF live dvd they put out a few years back. And if you're one of those people who enjoys wearing t-shirts with band names on them (me and every single one of my friends) then this place has a decent selection of stuff.

NORMAN's: 3rd Ave just below 8th ST - sometimes priced a little high, but have found a few things of interest there.

FUTURE LEGEND 796 9th Ave, New York, NY? - (212) 707-8180? -Store is closed when I went there in December 2008. They didn't have a sign saying anything about relocation.

TUNES: New & Used Compact Discs 225 Washington St, Hoboken, NJ - (201) 653-3355? This is where I usually go to buy cds and records. Their prices are pretty decent and if you're into record hunting they offer a decent place.

EAST VILLAGE BOOKS: has been on Saint Marks Pl. for 15 years (#99, between First Avenue and Avenue A). Specialize in great prices for books but also buy non-mainstream DVD's (prefer documentary, art films, foreign films, independent, music videos) and CD's (no pop, rap, recent R&B music).

SELLING DVDS ONLINE IS EASIER - There is an advancement in simplicity in selling dvds online and i urge you to consider doing so. Dvdhunt.com highlights some good marketplaces to sell your stuff like ebay, amazon, mx123 and craigslist. Mx123.com and other stores like them will buy all your stuff in one bulk transaction and pay for your shipping costs. Consider this the easiest and fastest option. They give you a price quote through their website for your used DVDs and they will buy everything you have in one easy hassle free transaction. You get a free shipping label that you print out and stick on your box. Expect a payment by PayPal or check in two weeks after shipping to them.

Craigslist will help you connect with someone local. Its is free to sell. Consider it a free internet classified service. You work the payment details and the exchange with the buyer.
Its a greatway to connect with a DVD buyer in the NYC area butyou will find most buyers will want to cherry pick through the items you have for sale.

Ebay does not have the sales volume it used to and it will be tougher to sell an item now. Amazon has high prices but there is a steep learning curve in getting set up the first time. Checkout dvdhunt for other good insights.

We appreciate your feedback here at DVD Hunt. If you have an opinion to share or a contribution of a great place to sell DVDs to please let us know! Email us at info@dvdhunt.com or comment in our blog.
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